EL PASO, Texas-- Thursday, a system at a Westside apartment complex ignited in among its systems on Mesa Road near Resler Drive.

Simply last saturdays and sunday on Sunday, the Motel 6 on Lomaland Drive in eastern El Paso went ablaze creating a three alarm-alarm fire.

Both, fire investigators stated, are due to plumbing system work, particularly soldering pipes water heater replacement with a lantern.

Mike Duran, with Plumbers, said it could concern just how consumers really want the job performed in their houses.

"A great deal of it relates to not opening up the location properly where you're visiting be soldering. Some individuals do not intend to open up the wall surfaces large enough and occasionally in our case we like opening up the walls up big so we could make sure we are not burning anything," Duran said.

When you do have actually plumbing job done in your house or contractor, Mike suggests making certain your plumbing contractors are prepared with a fire extinguisher and other plumbing system specific-specific safety gear.

"It's called amazing gel. We actually spray the location down (for) when you use warmth to something. If we're soldering as well as there's a pipe up right here versus the wall when we are using heat, this will really stop the wall surfaces from burning," Duran stated.

"There's an additional thing called the flame blanket, and the quilt in fact goes behind the copper as you could view revealed on the illustration here. That you can really be heating the pipe and it won't burn the wall surface as well," Duran brought in.

If the job does create a fire, phone call 911, even if it appears the fire is out.